spring loaded pin connector

The connector spring pin connector nominal range selection

When the select spring  pin connectors must be used according to the product space.

The problem of compression of the spring pin connector

If the space is too small, the spring of the spring pin connector will be excessively compressed, which will affect the service life. However, if the space is too large, the contact will be not in place, the impedance will be unstable, and the image will be instantly broken.

Electroplate material for spring pin connector

It can increase conductivity, prevent oxidization, wear resistant which is electroplate material for spring pin connector. Different material have different functions. Example, we will choice electroplate gold for products with  high current and high impedance requirements which is electroplate gold has good conductivity.

Influence of electroplating film thickness of spring pin connector on product

Spring pin connector will be wear and tear when it working has touch with other product. The thickness of electroplating film has a great influence on the service life of the product.

It will be has these phenomenon of resistance is too large, Impedance instability if the plating is worn away with using long time of spring pin connector. The more thickness of electroplating film the more life of spring pin connector. Select plating requirements according to requirements when you choice product, please.

Influence of spring pin connector on product’s elastic force

The spring force can directly affect the impedance of the spring thimble and stable because of the contact force of the spring thimble connector is derived from the internal spring. Strong elasticity will increase Coefficient of friction and influence the life of spring pin connector.

spring loaded contact

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