There is an electronic feast here

This is a visual feast of technology, this is the scene of the ceremony for the emergence of electronic products. As we know, the annual CES show is a major gathering of electronic technology. January 7-10, 2020,CFE attended this grand party, and exhibited four core products of the company: POGO PIN, POGO PIN CONNECTOR, MAGNETIC CONNECTOR, MAGNETIC CHARGING CABLE CONNECTOR. [...]

Analyze the major production points of spring thimbles

How is a quality spring loaded contact made, and what material is suitable for making a spring loaded pogo pin? The production and selection process of Pogo pin: Spring The material for the spring of Pogo pin is Beryllium Bronz, Stainless steel or Music wire, different material have different characteristic. We need consider operating temperature, impedance, [...]

Why must the contact surface of the Pogo pin be vertical front?

Pogo pin have different exterior for different application. The common is that all pogo pin have a spring. Usually,pogo pin surface is gold-plated, be used of change or data transmission. Inner wall of barrel must be smooth due to most current flow the pogo pin by inner wall of barrel and less current flow by spring. [...]

The material of CFE’S Pogo pin

Pogo pin is a spring probe be made of tube, plunger and spring, riveted and pre-pressed by precision instruments. What is the material for it?   Barrel Usually, we using brass, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze, nickel silver for barrel. Brass is cheap, beryllium copper have good electronic characteristics and lower impedance. We will choice phosphor bronze [...]

About Pogo pin

Pogo pin be made of the three basic components of the needle shaft, spring and needle tube are assembled, riveted and pre-pressed by precision instruments, it can be compressed and energized. It can waterproof, self, convenience and both sides of the charging, used to replace all old versions of the plug-in AC/DC power supply, micro USB, [...]

The main reasons why pogo pin will stuck pin

      Pogo pin be made of head of pin, spring, needle tubing, Assembled by mechanical riveting. During the production and processing or using, stuck pin is a common problems,example, press down without rebounding or can’t press down.       The matching riveting pressure has higher requirements on the precision of matching needle and tube [...]