To customize a magnetic pogo pin connector, it is generally necessary to confirm the following information of the product:

How to use

1.The service life of the product.

2.The magnetic force of the magnetic pogo pin connector.


Product shape

1.Product size space and assembly method.

2.Material and surface treatment requirements for magnetic pogo pin connectors.

Electrical requirements

1.Pogo pin structure.

2.The length and size of the wire.

3.Circuit requirements (current and voltage).

Usage condition

1.Outdoor or indoor.

2.General environment, industrial environment, specific environment.

3.Requirements for waterproof and dustproof.

Based on the above information, CFE’s R&D team will advise you on customizing the magnetic pogo pin connector. If you have a custom request, please contact pogo pin manufacturer CFE.

customize a magnetic pogo pin connector