Quality Management System

CFE Quality Policy: Customer satisfaction, quality first, full participation, continuous improvement.

CFE has established a complete quality management organization structure and improve quality the management system based on ISO9001: 2008. Our company has entered the stage of process and standardization. A series of processes have corresponding procedures to ensure the quality of these processes and the quality of the results , Through a complete quality assurance system to achieve customer service goals, through the use of PDCA, We continued to improve in order to achieve the goal and beyond customer expectations.

Quality assurance system

1. CFE attaches great importance to all aspects of quality management, including IQC,IPQC,100% strength and resistance dynamic test, 100% appearance inspection, FQC, OQC, design verification and regular reliable test, Failure analysis and etc.

2. CFE from the product design, sample preparation, trial production, mass production in all aspects of strict and effective quality control, so as to ensure the quality of the product.

3. As a leading company in the quality and service industries, CFE leads the continuous improvement activities, continuously improves process capability, ensures product quality and fast delivery, and makes customer satisfaction.

CFE is equipped with complete testing and reliability testing equipment