When e-cigarettes first became popular, the main users were those aged 25-45 who wanted to quit smoking. In recent years, more and more young people have started to use e-cigarettes. With the increase of the users, the design of electronic cigarettes is also constantly developing. More and more e-cigarettes use pogo pins instead of traditional interfaces. This was also mentioned in the previous article The demand for electronic cigarettes in the Pogo pin market. Now, let’s compare the magnetic pogo pin connector with other traditional charging methods.

e-cigarette POGO PIN

Magnetic pogo pin connector of e-cigaretteConventional charging
High life, durability up to 1000000 timesShort life.(normally 2000-3000 times)
Sealed and hermetic level up to IP68Not waterproof nor dustproof
Zero force docking
None zero force docking
360°self positioningInconvenient to replace
Automatically disconnected without damaging the interfaceUndependable safety performance
Transmit large current up to 40ALow transmission current.
Shock and vibration resistant
Reliable contact force and connection
Good EMI function

In summary, the pogo pin is more convenient to use and more stable in performance. It is a better choice for electronic cigarette connectors.