As one of the popular precision hardware nowadays, pogopin’s main function is to realize the conduction of current and the transmission of data. The basic components of pogopin are: barrel, plunger and spring. However, different product applications have different requirements for the current magnitude of the pogopin. Therefore, according to its internal structure, pogopin can be divided into: reverse drilling, oblique section, ball needle, through hole needle shaft type, etc.

Pogo Pin

What factors will affect the magnitude of the current through the pogopin?

  1. Number of touchpoints (in terms of internal structure)

    The spherical design maximizes the number of contact points, allowing higher and more stable current flow.

  2. The elasticity of the spring

    The stronger the force of the spring, the better the effect of the needle shaft pressing on the tube wall, which can ensure a stable current flow.

  3. Material

    Different material types can greatly affect the conductivity of the pins. Roughness is also an important factor in increasing current flow.

  4. Surface treatment

    Different electroplating has different conductivity, the greater the conductivity, the better the current transmission, the smaller the conductivity, the worse the current transmission

  5. Pogopin outer diameter ( plunger and barrel)

    Different outer diameters have different transmission currents, the larger the outer diameter, the greater the transmission current, and the smaller the outer diameter, the smaller the transmission current

How to choose a trustworthy pogo pin manufacturer?

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