Pogo pin have different exterior for different application. The common is that all pogo pin have a spring. Usually,pogo pin surface is gold-plated, be used of change or data transmission. Inner wall of barrel must be smooth due to most current flow the pogo pin by inner wall of barrel and less current flow by spring. It will has high claim for spring and most current will flow by spring if flat plunger bottom.Why must the contact surface of the Pogo pin be vertical front?

spring loaded pogo pin

The parameter performance of Pogo pin
● Rated voltage:Less than 24 Volts DC ; 
● Rated current:30 Amperes continuous per Pin ;
● Operating temperature:-40C ~ 105°C ;
● Storage temperature:5°C ~ 35°C. In a non-corrosive gas environment with a relative humidity of not more than 80%;
● Working environment humidity:25% R.H. ~ 85% R.H. ;
● Durability (life):Static test1000000 cycles, Dynamic Testing10,00000 cycles;
● Contact impedance:30m Ohm Max. @working stroke (Impedance should be lower than 30m Ohm during the entire working stroke, so it is required to move the impedance rather than the impedance at a certain point);
●Insulation resistance before Pin:500m Ohm Min.

Notes on Pogo pin work

1. The amount of compression is generally 2/3 of the total stroke. Too little press-in and positive force will cause the impedance to be unstable. Excessive pressure can cause injury to the nozzle, resulting in a pin. Also pay attention to avoid hitting the nozzle during the assembly process, which will cause card pin.
2. The contact direction of the spring loaded pogo pin must be perpendicular to the front, and can not be accessed from the side.
3. The battery contact piece or FPC gold finger paired with the spring pin should not be dirty, oxidized, etc.
4. The spring thimble head and nozzle should avoid plastic barriers and other obstacles during assembly and use, otherwise, the needle tube rivet will be deformed and the product will be damaged.

4pin Pogo pin connector

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