Smart Watch Solutions

With the rise of intelligent wave, smart wearable devices are emerging, among which smart watches are the most prominent example.

Smart watches not only integrate various functions of mobile phones, but also update some unique functions to meet the increasing specific needs of consumers.Smart watches not only play as message reminders and mobile payments, but also extend to sports and medical monitor, such as monitoring the user’s heart rate and testing exercise data.

smart wear application

Convenient to carry and ensured of good contact with human skin,smart watches combine with a variety of health contact sensors, which has a significant user-experience that mobile smart products cannot achieve currently.In response to the growing needs of customers, CFE continues to provide customers with safe and reliable connection solutions. The pogo pin magnetic connector solution not only enables users to experience pure  new charging and data transmission , but also outperforms the traditional charging method in terms of charging speed, waterproof and sweat resistance.Meanwhile, with comprehensive laboratory equipment and stringent testing standards in extreme environment in smart wearables, CFE ensure our customers of the evergrowing quality challenges from proofing to mass production.