Water Temperature Sensor Solutions

CFE has specially developed the best solid pin, pogo pin, and pogo pin connector, which are used in various functional modules of automobiles. A variety of pogo pin connection products design can meet customer demands for high quality, high stability, best performance, and competitive products. It can transmit current and signal. Connecting devices with solid pin can realize ultra-thin design. If combined with CFE customized magnet structure design, zero force automatic docking and accurate positioning requirements can be achieved. CFE can provide a safe and reliable connection solution to satisfy our customer’s requirements.

The water temperature sensor is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of the automobile. For the new generation of water temperature sensor connection method. CFE provides brand-new ideas through a comprehensive evaluation of customer needs. It uses alloy materials on the connector and adds in-mold sealing to ensure reliable structure and stable waterproofing.

OBD Connector

Solid Pogo Pin Connector


P/N: BP198701

Product Features

Environmental Performance:
Operating Temperature: -40 to +105℃
Temperature Resistance: 260℃

Dimension: Φ3.0×11.50mm
Metal Material: Alloy
Plating Layer: Gold + Cobalt plating on the surface, nickel plating on the bottom
Plastic: Heat Resistant Nylon