The electronica China in Shanghai has come to a perfect end. This year, the exhibition focused on sorting out the annual context of the electronics industry and creating many theme exhibition areas such as connectors, test and measurement, power supplies, printed circuit boards, displays, passive devices, etc. At the same time, it gathered high-quality electronic companies at home and abroad to create a professional display platform spanning the upstream and downstream of the industry from product design to application landing.

electronica China

CFE mainly displayed pogo pin magnetic absorption solutions for the automotive industry, smart wearable industry, e-cigarette industry, medical industry, etc. at this exhibition. Pogo pin is a precision hardware component that mainly realizes the function of current and signal transmission for products. Its long life, corrosion resistance, and customizability have won the favor of many customers.

Automotive solutions:

Smart wear solutions:

E-cigarette solutions:

Medical industry solutions:

electronica China 2024

Founded in 2009, CFE is a national high-tech enterprise oriented to R&D and innovation, committed to technological innovation in the precision connector industry. CFE provides customers with a one-stop pogopin magnetic suction solution from turning, electroplating to assembly. CFE pays attention to the needs of every customer, strictly controls the quality of its products, and only provides products and services that satisfy customers. Provide customers with professional standard and customized solutions. For more product solutions, please contact us for more information!