Magnetic connectors are composed of pogopin, magnets and plastic parts. The shapes are usually round, square, rectangular, heterosexual, etc. As one of the most popular connectors nowadays, magnetic connectors are widely used in notebook computers, smart watches, handheld devices, medical products and other product fields. The main function of the magnetic connector is to use magnets to absorb products to complete the transmission of current and signals.

The round 2-pin magnetic connector is a product that is used frequently. Although it is commonly referred to as 2-pin in the industry, it does not actually have two independent pin contacts. Instead, it’s cleverly designed to have one contact, the positive terminal in the middle. The copper sleeve of the casing serves as the negative electrode, thus realizing the functionality of 2-pin. This unique design allows the magnetic connector to efficiently complete charging tasks in limited space.

2 pin magnetic connector

The middle part of the circular 2-pin magnetic connector carries the responsibility of the positive pole. It is the core of the entire connector and is responsible for transmitting current. The outer copper sleeve serves as the negative pole and is cleverly integrated into the entire connector structure. It not only saves space, but also ensures stable transmission of current. This design makes the connector compact in size. At the same time, it can also realize the charging function of positive and negative electrodes. The magnetic connector designed in this way is very suitable for scenes with limited space.

Whether in mobile devices, smart homes or other electronic devices, circular 2-pin magnetic connectors have demonstrated their unique advantages. It can not only meet the charging needs of the device, but also ensure the safety and stability of the charging process. With the continuous development of technology, I believe that this efficient and convenient connector will be more widely used and bring more convenience to our lives.