Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings. With the progress of the times, people’s life concepts are constantly changing. Keeping pets has become a new pleasure in people’s spare time. However, it is inevitable to take pets out for a walk, and a series of safety issues will be encountered during the walk. The most prominent of these is the problem of pets getting lost.

In order to prevent pets from getting lost, products such as pet trackers have emerged on the market. Pet trackers can accurately locate the location of pets and provide real-time feedback to the owner’s mobile phone, so that you can easily know when and where the pet is.

CFE mainly sells products such as spring pin connectors, magnetic charging cables, module components, and high-current pins. It also has its own pogo pin connection solution on pet trackers. Take the following tracker as an example:


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The battery built into the pet tracker conducts current through the 4 pin pads (female end of turning part) on the back and the pogo pin on the male end.

What are the advantages of using the pogo pin connector on the pet tracker?

  1. The pogopin connector can achieve high waterproof performance (up to IPX7). When the pet faces some special environments (such as pools, inadvertent drooling, swimming, etc.), the product performance can be maintained.
  2. The pogopin connector has the advantages of excellent vibration resistance and impact resistance. When going out, pets cannot avoid jumpingand running. With these two excellent physical properties, problems with the equipment can be avoided.
  3. The built-in pogopin of the pogo pin connector has the characteristics of long life and corrosion resistance. The life cycle is up to 100,000 times, which greatly improves the service life of the pet tracker. The corrosion-resistant feature can also better face extremely harsh environments.

How to choose a reliable pogo pin magnetic connection solution provider?

CFE, with 15+ years of experience in the magnetic pogo pin connector industry, is headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong, and has established offices around the world. CFE has passed eight quality management system certifications and has a CNAS system-certified laboratory to ensure product quality. CFE has complete automated intelligent manufacturing equipment and adopts vertical integrated production management to provide one-stop magnetic pogo pin connector standard selection and customized solutions for customers in various fields.