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A Reliable Precision Pogo Pin Manufacturer since 2003

CFE Electronic® is the branch of CFE Group. Dongguan CFE Electronic is a China leading precision spring-loaded connector manufacturing company which was set up in 2003. Our company specializing in Pogo Pin, Pogo Pin Connectors, high current spring-loaded connectors, and custom spring-loaded connectors. CFE factory has 8000+ square meters owned industry park. All workshops upgrade into semi-auto or full-automatic production lines with 0.01 mm mistake. CFE Electronic® company has approved the certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001,ISO13485,IATF16949certification. CFE has been identified as the National High-Tech Enterprise by China government in 2016. Until now, CFE has expanded up to 100+ employees, which include 20+ experienced engineers, 10+ R&D designers, and 10+ professional sales representatives. All the staff from CFE work cooperatively, which aim to provide the best service for every client. With the experience over 10 years, CFE contributes all the passion and responsibility for Pogo Pin manufacturing.

With the experience in electronic connector industry, we specializing in Pogo Pin, Pogo Pin Connectors, high current spring-loaded connectors, and custom spring-loaded connectors. Aim to offer the best quality product for customers, CFE follow the standard of EU, ROHS, REACH, HF and N6P. Beside this production certification, CFE still owned 25 more international and national patents.

  • CFE has researched and developed the 1.27 Pitch Pogo Pin, which is the first innovation in Pogo Pin industry in Asia and the second innovation around the world.

  • The compression life of our Pogo Pin is available for over 1 million times.

  • CFE promise all the products are environmental friendly and high-quality. We can provide the contract agreement for our clients if they require any specific standards (such as quality, life span, and so on).

  • Our customization service team accepts big current Pogo Pin customized, which maximum current can reach up to 30A.

  • Until now, CFE have customized over 300 Pogo Pin chargers, which range from 2 pins to 30 pins.

  • waterproof spring loaded pins
  • 30A high current pogo pin
  • pogo pin connector
  • custom spring loaded connector
Sales Office

CFE form up a team with 20+ engineers, which focus on Pogo Pin manufacturing.

Pogo Pin Programming Introduction

CFE Lathe Workshop has 15+ skilled workers to achieve contacts turning production.

What is Interconnect Components?

CFE Wire Workshop mainly focus on wire stripping,soldering & ultrasonic forming.

What is a Pogo Pin

CFE Assembly Workshop focus on Pogo Pin production.

What is a Pogo Pin

CFE Official staff focus on the sales and after-sales service for every clients we served.

Usage and Basic Technical Parameter of Pogo Pin Contact

CFE Inspection & Quality department will test the Pogo Pin with 10+ processes. More+

Pogo Pin  Composition

A Pogo Pin connector is comprised parts from Plunger, Spring,Bead, Barrel, Pin, Housing and cup

Types of Pogo pin and their uses

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With the passion in Pogo Pin industry, CFE ensure the high-quality Pogo Pin for every clients. Contact us right now for more Pogo Pin service and information!

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