Founded in 2009, Dongguan CFE Electronics Co.,Ltd (CFE) is a R&D and innovation-oriented connection solution provider in the precision connector industry. As a national high-tech enterprises and being honored as newly innovated enterprises in Guangdong Province, we specialize in the ID design, manufacturing and delivery of precision connectors. Our main products include pogo pin connectors, magnetic connectors, non-standard module connectors, special connecting cables, medical device components, etc. Our products are widely used in automotive, medical, 5G communication, smart wearable, consumer electronics and other fields.

CFE has the high capability of designing, developing and manufacturing high-precision and high-reliability products, utilizing a mature project management and operation system to create a dual-drive model of products and services with more comprehensive, efficient and reliable technology and support for our customers. CFE has successively set up sales and technical strategic points in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Germany, and North America.

CFE has always taken innovation and high quality as the constant core pursuit. We own the core technology and intellectual property rights with more than 170 patents of invention, utility model and appearance. CFE has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, IATF16949, QC080000, SEDEX, FDA, ISO17025 (CNAS) and other system certifications. Our products comply with EU ROHS, REACH, HF, CP65, NP, EN1811 and other environmental protection standards. We adopt JIT production management mode to provide one-stop products and services globally.



CFE pogo pin connector consists of plunger,spring,barrel,bead,housing and cap.

Types of Pogo pin and their uses

  • CFE has researched and developed the 1.00 Pitch Pogo Pin, which is the first innovation in Pogo Pin industry in Asia and the second innovation around the world.
  • The compression life of our Pogo Pin is available for over 1 million times.

  • CFE promise all the products are environmental friendly and high-quality. We can provide the contract agreement for our clients if they require any specific standards (such as quality, life span, and so on).
  • Our customization service team accepts big current Pogo Pin customized, which maximum current can reach up to 30A.
  • Until now, CFE have customized over 300 Pogo Pin chargers, which range from 2 pins to 30 pins.

  • waterproof spring loaded pins
  • 30A high current pogo pin
  • pogo pin connector
  • custom spring loaded connector

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