TWS Pogo Pin Magnetic Connector Solutions

The interconnection between terminals forms a new ecology of data exchange and co-sharing.As important landing scenes of AIoT, intelligent wearable and smart home bring more users to be involved. TWS(True Wireless Stereo;True Wireless Earbuds) undoubtedly catalyzes the speed and development trend of the connection era. The hole-free mobile phone and the upgrade of Bluetooth technology have boosted the rapid development of TWS.In the face of these trends, consumers are paying more attention to mainstream trends such as noise reduction technology, battery life and intelligent voice and health monitoring. CFE has developed pogo pin magnetic solution for TWS that is ready to meet these challenges.

TWS with charging case pogo pin-Pogo pin solutions for TWS

For True Wireless Stereo and True Wireless Earbuds solutions, CFE’s core strengths are customized Plating Technology Solutions, stringent test conditions and standards of Sweat Resistance, Electrolysis Resistance, Salt Spray Resistance, Corrosion Resistance of various organic solvent and nickel free release, and we provide authoritative and comprehensive test reports.

CFE proven solutions by design and manufacturing engineers ensure the design limits of low elasticity, small elasticity tolerance range, low profile,high appearance requirement , specialized structure,complex manufacture process and high machining accuracy in TWS industry .

CFE bases on independent research and development capabilities, forward-looking direction as well as rapid response to market demand and providing ensuring TWS user-experience.