Automotive Electronics Solutions

In the early days, automotive electronics mainly focused on power systems, chassis, body and other fields. At this stage, the proportion of new automotive electronics is increasing year by year. Emerging automotive electronic products represented by automotive smart cockpits and automotive ADAS products are gradually opening up the market. Modern vehicles are equipped with advanced safety, security, infotainment, and a whole host of features for comfort and convenience to make driving easier, safer and more enjoyable. Numerous disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, V2X communications and autonomous driving are starting to revolutionize the automotive industry.

For vehicle-mounted equipment, the product space is small and the structure is compact, requiring new connection solutions to solve structural problems. CFE provides customized spring loaded pogo pins for automotive electronics, which provide large current and signal transmission in a small size range, effectively replacing traditional connectors.


Solder Cup Type High Current Spring Loaded Pogo Pins


P/N: BS30131-F

Product Features

Electrical Performance:
Rated Voltage&Current: DC12V, 4A Max.
Static Impedance: 30 milliohm Max.

Environmental Performance: 
Operating Temperature:-40 to +105℃
Salt Spray: 48H

Mechanical Performance:
Spring Force: 100g±20%
Full Stroke: 1.5mm
Life: 20,000 cycles