Spring-loaded pogo pin connector

Spring-loaded pogo pin connector

  • Compared to traditional connectors, pogo pin has a longer life to plug and pull
  • High Current and signal transmission,Low Profile,Light Weight
  • Flexible design, fully customizable, Easy to clean and use
Advantages of CFE Pogo pin connector

Advantages of CFE Pogo pin connectors

  • Advantages of CFE Pogo pin connector
  • Achieved compression mechanical 1 million life times
  • Developed 1.00 pitch pogo pin connector
  • High current pogo pin up to 30A and IP67 sealed level
  • Up to 8000+ solutions for various industry
reliability test for pogo pin connector

Testing lab

CFE owns a complete range of reliability test for pogo pin connector under the Overall Lab,Chemical Lab,

Mechanical Lab,Environmental lab and Salt Spray Lab.

Our laboratory guarantees our customers accurate and dependable data and test analysis,reliable product quality.

About Us

DONGGUAN CFE ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as CFE), a subsidiary of CFE CORPORATION CO., LTD, was founded in 2009. Our main products are ranging from pogo pin connectors, magnetic connectors, special connecting cables, non-standard module components to medical equipment components, etc.

Our products conform to EU ROHS, REACH, HF, CP65, NP, EN1811 and other environmental protection requirements, energizing our global customers with one-stop ODM service and competitive turnkey solutions.

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