Why you need spring loaded pogo pin & connector?

  • Compared to other connectors, pogo pin has a long life to plug and pull
  • Current and signal transmission, flexible design, fully customizable
  • Miniaturization, space saving, for thin and light consumer electronics products
Design & Manufacture Pogo Pins & Spring Loaded Connector

Advantages of CFE Pogo pin connectors

  • Achieved compression mechanical 1 million life times
  • Developed 1.27 pitch pogo pin connector
  • Developed large current pogo pin with 30A and waterproof connector
  • We have thousands of pogo pins

Testing lab

During the pogo pin reliability test, the product undergoes several inspection procedures, including the dynamic impedance, constant temperature and pressure, durability, temperature increase, vibration, drop test and the instant-off test, etc. This ensures your client’s product will not break down due to a pogo pin defect.

About us

Dongguan CFE Electronic Co.,Ltd is a subsidiary of CFE Corporation Co.,Ltd, was founded in 2009, which integrated product development, designing, production, sales and services into a whole. Specialize in Pogo pin, Pogo pin connector, high current spring loaded connector.

Since the company was founded, has formed a professional, efficient and experience R&D team. Quality is the fundamental with strict management to the market, research, development, manufacture, inspect, sales and after-sales service, same as other related parts, in order to provide customers with high quality competitive products. Creating profit with diligent and wisdom, to benefit our various customers, our employees, our shareholders and to society. Equipped with intentionally advanced production machinery, mathematical technological process, effective testing instruments, with compliance to EU,ROHS, REACH, HF, N6P, environmental protection, and JIT production management system.

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