First, let’s understand what “pogo pin” is. Pogo pin is a kind of precision hardware connector. It’s just that its size is very small, and it saves space. If the product requires a flat design, or the final product requires modularization, the use of docking connectors should be avoided. Therefore, pogo pin is an ideal choice. The rated current of spring loaded pin can reach 60A, the minimum pin spacing is 0.4MM (through-hole insertion) /0.3MM (surface mount), and the service life can be up to 100,000 cycles. It has high vibration resistance and is suitable for data transmission or current transmission of thin laptop module display, audio jack, charging and other modules.

The pogo pin structure includes a thin tube with a built-in spring and a pin. The spring pushes the pin to the contact pad on the printed circuit board to establish a reliable, vibration-resistant electrical contact. Pogo pins are available with customized spring pins and use heights that meet the specifications. The product can be applied to fully automatic assembly production lines. Optional custom designs include pins and connector shells of different shapes, protective devices, packaging or matching female headers. Customers can freely choose the design according to the special requirements of the project. In addition to irregular structures, customers can also use pogo pin terminals as a new connector standard for single-row, double-row or multi-row pin header products.

pogo pin connector

What should you look for before buying high-quality pogo pins?

To buy the most suitable pogo pin connector, you must first determine your needs before purchasing. And you can also have a preliminary understanding of the pogo pin connector. The following product information you should know, such as current requirements, corrosion resistance requirements, impedance, service life, working environment, stability, and pogo pin packaging. The assembly methods are different for different products, so that we can determine these issues and then understand whether the price of this pogo pin connector manufacturer is reasonable. The size of the pogo pin connector is related to the size of the connection current. The larger the current requirement, the more expensive the pogo pin connector. The service life of the pogo pin connector is also an important factor. Dynamic testing can test its true performance during testing. When electronic products require pogo pin connectors with particularly long service life, customized solutions must be implemented.

How to choose an excellent pogo pin solution provider?

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