The trend for TWS headsets (True Wireless Stereo) hasn’t faded yet. OWS Headset (Open Wireless Stereo) have become the latest trend in the digital audio industry. This kind of headset, which looks strange in appearance and looks like a sci-fi device when worn, is setting off a new headphone trend.

The difference between TWS, OWS, and Bone Conduction Headphones

The full name of OWS is Open Wearable Stereo. The difference from bone conduction headphones can be summarized by the word “stereo”. Stereo means “stereo sound”, which can be expanded to mean “surround sound effects bring high-quality music experience”. However, bone conduction headphone products obviously cannot provide a better sound quality experience.And OWS uses the principle of air conduction which is very different from that of bone conduction headphones. The difference between OWS and TWS can be summarized by the word “Open”, which is expanded to be the difference in product design. TWS emphasizes true wireless, and the headphones are usually in-ear or semi-in-ear. OWS is all a non-in-ear design.

The difference between TWS, OWS, and Bone Conduction Headphones

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Why has OWS become a hot new favorite?

  1. Fully open and not in the ear, light and fit, comfortable to wear all day long. The OWS shape is based on the contour shape of the human ear and uses the multi-point support principle to disperse the wearing pressure. The earphones do not go into your ears when worn, there is no intrusion, and there is no swelling or pain.
  2. Prevent hearing damage. Through research and development technology, we can automatically identify and shift the frequency bands in audio that are harmful to hearing. Reduce ear damage caused by long-term use of audio equipment.
  3. The sound-generating unit of OWS is a pair of 16.5mm diameter composite bio-diaphragm moving coils. The sound unit is bigger and the sound quality is better.
  4. Suitable for wearing in all scenes. Especially in sports scenarios, the earhook structure used in most OWS headsets increases wearing stability.

Pogo pin providesthe perfect charging solution for OWS

Pogo pins, also called spring load pin, are precision hardware used for signal transmission and current transmission. The pogo pin contact charging solution for OWS mainly has the following features:

  1. The small size of pogo pins can provide more possibilities for the internal space design of OWS.
  2. The operating current can easily reach 10A, and the product charges faster.
  3. Pogo pins have a service life of up to 1 million times. Greatly improve product service life
  4. Complete waterproof solutions, up to IPX4-IPX7 according to customer requirements.
  5. Unique surface treatment technology of spring pins. Enhance the corrosion resistance of the product.
pogopin charging solution for OWS

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