Single Pogo pin contacts provide high cycle life in industrial and medical applications where reliability and robustness are critical. The Pogo pin provides 10,000 mating cycles that are ideal for pluggable module applications where end customers must process the product every day. The Pogo pin is designed for use with gold-plated PCB pads or flat contacts in docking/cradle applications for charging, data transfer or programming interfaces for portable devices.

AVX’s standard range single contact provides maximum number of pins, placement, and maximum compression stack height from 2.0mm to 5.5mm. Contacts are standard for tape and reel packaging for automatic on-line SMT placement. The disposable plastic cap helps to absorb the vacuum and then is removed after reflow soldering before the product is mated. Contact gold-plated, and high strength stainless steel spring, durability and signal integrity.

Usage and Basic Technical Parameter of Pogo Pin Contact

Spring loaded female terminal pins supplier. The spring loaded connetor pins consist of a plunger (or head), barrel (or body), and a fully encapsulated fine spring. The plunger and barrel is brass Au over Ni material and the spring is sus surface treatment, providing the spring force required to maintain positive contact. All have a high durability, exceeding 10,000 mating cycles. spring test probe SMT SMD pogo pins
[FF400-1110] Female terminal pins supplier [BP95602] Spring test probe SMT SMD pogo pins

APPLICATIONS of Pogo Pin Contact

• The base/docking station of the portable electronic device can charge or download data for the battery
• Electronic module testing and programming
• Interfaces with disposable medical or measurement components


• Contact range from 2.0mm to 5.5mm, providing off-the-shelf availability for virtually any application
• Each contact height provides maximum operating range and compression altitude tolerance
• Gold-plated contacts provide high reliability and signal integrity in 10,000 cycles
• Removable pick-up cover for automatic placement of SMT reflow

Usage and Basic Technical Parameter of Pogo Pin Contact

Pogo Pin Contact ELECTRICAL

• Current Rating: 1 Amp
• Voltage Rating: Based on placement distance


• Operating Temperature: -40ºC to +125ºC

MECHANICAL of Pogo Pin Contact

• Contact Material: Brass
• Contact Plating: Gold over Nickel
• Spring Material: SUS304
• Durability: 10k Cycles


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