Medical Connector Solutions

In the medical and health section, the market share of medical wearable devices is growing rapidly.Wearable medical devices such as home blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, blood oximeter, ear temperature gun and thermometer have been widely used in family scenes. These medical devices can collect users’ health data and upload it to the platform for statistics and analysis to provide guidance and suggestions in return. At the same time, they can also connect with medical services, indicating the degree of intelligence is constantly evolving.

medical solutions
pogo pin solutions for medical

In the face of growing market demand, CFE provides EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) product Manufacturing Services for medical grade customers, including intelligent temperature tape, heart rate electrocardiogram tape, blood pressure monitor, etc., providing medical grade safe and reliable connection solutions. Certified with ISO 13485 and compliant to FDA standards, CFE is constantly improving its comprehensive management ability and contributing to the medical cause of human beings.

Recommended Product Line

pogo pin magnetic charging solutions for medical devices

Medical Magnetic Connector 0319 Series

CFE offers pogo pin magnetic charging solutions for medical devices which ensures non-destrcutive seperation when charging.

Magnetic Cable

Medical Magnetic Cable 701 Series

CFE magnetic cable realizes high service life and high performance.We delivers cable assembly solutions from designing,prototyping and manufacturing.