Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home

Compared with the traditional home appliance industry, smart home appliances undoubtedly can meet the diversified life needs of new consumer groups, greatly improving the interactive experience of home appliance products, and creating a comfortable, intelligent and immersive life scene.Based on internet of things technology, by the hardware (intelligent home appliances, intelligent hardware, security control equipment, furniture, etc.), software systems, cloud computing platform consisting of a household ecosystem, combining with CFE independent design and development of pogo pin connector solution, for users to create safe, comfortable, energy saving, high efficiency, convenient home life.
Smart Home Application

At present, CFE has many years of experience in the design and manufacturing of smart home and small home appliance applications, such as hair flatters, hair curlers, air purifiers, thermal lunch boxes, portable coffee makers, electric toothbrushes and etc. CFE provides design solutions including round base solutions, side round solutions, runway solutions, honeycomb solutions. At the same time, CFE’s perfect laboratory testing standards and reliability testing capabilities guarantee the quality and possibility of products, and provide safe and reliable solutions for our partners to explore the market potential.

Recommended Product Line

Magnetic Connector-3 Pin

Magnetic Cable for Portable Coffee Machine 0051 Series

0051 Series is designed with track shape ,with permanent magnet and 2 pins.High waterproof level up to IPX8 ensures dependable functional performance.

Magnetic Connector-3Pin

Magnetic Cable for Electric Toothbrush 0039 Series

CFE provides tailored and precise solutions for smart home appliance including electric toothbrush.