Batteries are an essential energy source. They are also key technologies for the transition to a climate neutral and circular economy. Global battery demand is growing rapidly. It will grow 14 times by 2030. The European Union adopted new battery rule proposals on December 9, 2020. On August 17, 2023 the new battery regulation comes into force. Many electronic products are facing the challenge of product transformation or upgrade to adapt to new laws and regulations.

Laptops are widely used in our daily life and work due to their small size, light weight, and high degree of integration. However, the existing laptops have a relatively complex structure, many processing procedures, large production difficulties, and high costs. And most of them use alloy shells, which have poor shock resistance and are not resistant to falling. If accidentally dropped, the product will be damaged.

Modular Laptop Battery Pogo Pin Connector Solution

A start-up laptop company in the United States stands out for its unique approach to innovation. Its laptop products mainly promote the advantages of personalized customization, free DIY , and convenient maintenance and replacement. Convenient  maintenance and replacement means designing each part of the laptop as a removable modular component. When one of the modules has a problem or is aging and cannot work properly. You only need to replace the corresponding modules to extend the service life of the product. To a certain extent, it is consistent with the concept of sustainable development.


The most frequently replaced module in this type of modular laptop is the battery module. Designed to meet customers’ needs for large-capacity batteries and ultra-thin space. CFE compresses the size of the connector within the available space within the product. CFE develops a very practical and unique product solution – a modular laptop battery pogo pin connector solution.

This pogo pin connector with a height of only 1.9mm is combined with the PCB and installed on the product. When the male and female ends connect, current transmission  to provides power and signal transmission for the laptop. Pogo pins are inherently long life connectors. Under normal use, the service life can reach 100.000 times. The surface of the pogo pin is gold-plated and highly corrosion-resistant. Ensure multiple cycles of battery use and reduce environmental pollution and damage caused by battery waste.

Under the influence of new regulations, the innovation and upgrading of the laptop industry is just a small microcosm. The constraints of regulations are the emphasis on environmental protection. It also points out specific and feasible directions for product upgrades in various industries. In the future, each product will pay more attention to green environmental protection and sustainable development concepts while bringing the ultimate experience to users.