Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a strategy adopted by companies. Not only to increase profits, but also to play an active and positive social role in the world around us. Considering at an organizational level, CSR is often understood as strategic initiatives that help enhance brand reputation. Additionally, businesses can also engage in CSR for strategic or ethical purposes.

With economic and social progress, companies must not only be responsible for profits, but also be responsible for the environment. And they take the initiative to assume corresponding social responsibilities. Since its establishment in 2009, CFE has been vigorously developing product businesses such as pogo pin, magnetic connectors, and modular products. CFE also always places corporate social responsibility (CSR) in daily operations and management.


CFE’s Environmental Protection Policy

Environmentally conscious behavior and protecting natural resources are one of CFE’s goals. Our pogo pin magnetic connector products can comply with RoHS and REACH environmental standards. CFE has passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification and QC080000 hazardous substances management system in 2015. We continue to successfully pass annual certification every year.

CFE Social Responsibility and Ethics

CFE is SEDEX certified. On this basis, we have in-depth improved the management of labor rights, health and safety, environment and business ethics. Fulfilling the ethical code of social responsibility is the basic philosophy of CFE. CFE strictly requires itself to assume social responsibilities in accordance with the basic principles of SEDEX. We are committed to having a good working environment and caring about the occupational safety and health of our employees. Implement the concept of safety first and improve employees’ self-protection awareness.