Hearing is a vital function at all stages of life. According to WHO estimates, nearly 2.5 billion people will suffer from some degree of hearing loss by 2050. At least 700 million of these people will require rehabilitation services.

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A hearing aid is a miniature sound amplification device. Its purpose is to amplify sound to the level required by the hearing-impaired. It helps hearing-impaired people make up for their hearing loss. The internal structure of the hearing aid includes a microphone, amplifier, receiver, battery, various volume and tone adjustment buttons, etc. Nowadays, hearing aids have evolved from traditional analog hearing aids to computer-programmed digital hearing aids. According to the appearance, they are divided into earhook type, invisible earhook type, customized inner ear type, and pocket hearing aid.

The Dilemma of Hearing Aid Charging

To ensure that hearing aids can work for hearing-impaired people for a long time, it is very important to maintain sufficient power in the hearing aids. Most hearing aids on the market are powered by replacing batteries. This means that if the hearing-impaired person goes out for a long time, he or she needs to prepare a backup battery. In addition to most hearing aid products on the market that are replaced by dry batteries, USB charging hearing aid products are also very common. However, USB docking and charging are inconvenient, and the interface is easy to get dirty and difficult to clean.

Advantages of pogopin magnetic charging solution

CFE’s main products include pogo pin connectors, magnetic connectors, non-standard module connectors, special connection cables, medical equipment components, etc. CFE complies with market demand and designs pogopin magnetic charging solutions suitable for hearing aids, medical headphones. The pogopin magnetic charging solution solves the above problems very well. First of all, rechargeable hearing aids eliminate the need to replace batteries. Simplifies the operating procedures to a great extent. It is simple and convenient for elderly users to use, enabling worry-free use of hearing aids. Secondly, pogopin magnetic charging uses in-mold molded contact pins. The product can truly be waterproof and dustproof. Therefore, users can use it with confidence in various scenarios. Finally, the pogopin magnetic charging is very convenient. When the male end are close to female end, it can be 100% blindly charged. Plug and unplug is effortless. And the pogopin in the connector has a long service life, which can reach more than 1 million times. This solution is also suitable for bluetooth headphones, smart glasses, bracelets, watches, smart rings, fitness trackers, etc.

Hearing aid pogo pin magnetic charging solution

The technological innovation behind hearing aids makes hearing aid functions more diverse and intelligent. Meet the needs of different users. Hearing aids bring good news to the hearing-impaired and also convey love and warmth.