Commuting is an amazing journey that every commuter goes through. Commuting methods are mainly public transportation and self-driving. Self-driving faces slightly more difficulties than public transportation. Such as road congestion, slow-moving vehicles, and unpredictable road conditions. More office workers put forward more convenient, faster and green commuting needs in the two choices of public transportation and self-driving. Therefore, a more convenient way of travel – electric scooters have jumped into the market.

Electric Scooter

The Traditional Electric Scooter Charging Port

Roughly speaking, it is a car charging interface. It is characterized in that the vehicle charging interface is attached to the handlebar of the scooter. It is an independent module relative to the instrument controller. The vehicle charging interface includes a connected charging interface base as a power supply line. The power supply line is connected to the power controller of the electric scooter through a transformer to complete the power supply to the electric scooter.

CFE Electric Scooter Pogo Pin Magnetic Charging Cable Solution Introduction

CFE also incorporates unique ideas into its product solutions in this field.

The scheme mainly uses modular female end connectors. Use the locking screws to secure the female connector to the product. The product is easy to install and has high reliability. When charging, you only need to uncover the silicone cover, and the male end connector will automatically absorb when it is close to the female end. And it is a fool-proof design, which can realize automatic adsorption and charging in any direction of 360°, which is fast and full of sense of technology. The overall design considers ergonomics. There is a built-in permanent magnet in the silicone cover. After charging is completed, the cover can be automatically closed by unplugging the charging pin. There is no need to worry about corrosion caused by rainwater and dust entering the charging port when the cover is not closed.

Electric Scooter Pogo Pin Magnetic Charging Cable

The advantage of CFE’s solution is that pogo pin magnetic charging cable makes the connection more convenient than ordinary plug-in connectors. The number of plugging and unplugging times is also higher than that of ordinary connectors. The single spring pin used inside is also a high-life precision component, with a maximum lifespan of 100,000 times. The transmission of current and signals can be achieved at the same time. The fool-proof design saves users time and effort when charging. The overall size is small and meets the requirements of an electric scooter with a beautiful appearance. The design of the dustproof and waterproof silicone cover adds points to the overall charging design. It can ensure that the charging interface is not invaded by rain and dust, and has good corrosion resistance.

Pogo Pin Magnetic Connection Solution Provider

CFE is a pogo pin magnetic connection solution provider integrating R&D, production and sales. The company has always regarded innovation and high quality as its eternal pursuit and core. In the past 14 years, more than 170 invention and new patents have been obtained. Strive to continuously provide customers with high-quality professional products and services. Following the pace of the times, CFE has exported many product solutions in consumer electronics, automobile industry, medical and health industry, Internet of Things industry, etc. If you want to know more pogo pin magnetic connection solutions, please contact us!