The unexpected outbreak of the epidemic caught us all unprepared and deeply warned us to always pay attention to the health of ourselves and our families. As a pogo pin magnetic connector solution provider, CFE has been passionate to contribute to human medical cause and provide EMS manufacturing services for our customers. Now let’s explore the secret behind the smart body temperature patch, a magical gadget to keep you aware of your body temperature and other health indicators as well!


Suitable for all ages groups,widely used whether at home or travelling,smart temperature patch can monitor the temperature in real time. The hardware of intelligent temperature patch consists of two parts: charging box and temperature paste sensor. It monitors the temperature test data in real time through the app of mobile phone terminal. The charging box is composed of PCBA, magnet, pogo pin, main body plastic, battery compartment and battery cover.

The temperature sensor is composed of solid pin, magnet, FPCA and soft silica gel. CFE is responsible for the manufacturing, production and delivery services of the whole hardware, including the design of plastic mold and injection molding of parts, the manufacturing of PCBA and FPCA, the design and manufacture of pogo pin, the pasting of two pieces of soft glue, the assembly of the whole battery box and temperature sensor, functional test of temperature sensor, and finally to the packaging and delivery of products.

CFE has mastered many unique production technologies in the production of this product, especially the pasting technology of two pieces of soft glue, which overcomes the problems of inaccurate alignment between upper and lower pieces of soft glue, non-compliance of external dimensions and insufficient bonding strength of two pieces.

CFE always takes innovation and high quality as its eternal pursuit. With years of R & D and manufacturing experience, CFE has won the trust and support of a number of medical customers. Up to now, CFE has developed magnetic charging interface for medical wheelchair,hand-held electrocardiograph, pressurized quantitative inhalation, providing EMS service for customers. CFE will continue to take root in the medical field and forge ahead to provide more safe and reliable medical solutions for our customers.


Magnetic charging solutions is popular among consumers contributed to its novelty and convenience. The waterproof grade of magnetic connector by CFE reaches IPX7, with the max magnetic force to 3000g and max rated current to 30A. CFE has developed hundreds of magnetic charging interfaces and dozens of magnetic charging solutions, providing customized solutions according to different needs of customers.