How is a quality spring loaded contact made, and what material is suitable for making a spring loaded pogo pin? The production and selection process of Pogo pin:
The material for the spring of Pogo pin is Beryllium Bronz, Stainless steel or Music wire, different material have different characteristic. We need consider operating temperature, impedance, and elasticity requirements when we design the spring of Pogo pin. Usually, we plate silver on springs, and we will plate gold on spring, so that it can better conductivity, the reason is gold can improve electrical conductivity and high thermal performance, as well as protection against oxidation and corrosion.
The barrel of a spring loaded pogo pin is a part that is further processed by turning. Usually, it needs to go through two processes of nickel plating and gold plating when plating it. First need nickel base treatment, usually the thickness is 1 ~ 2 microns (as usual said 40u “= 1 microns), and gold plating on product surface with 0.1 ~ 1.0 microns. It is a challenge when plating the inner wall for small diameter and long blind hole tubes, we will open side holes at the bottom end to allow the plating solution to backflow at the bottom of the barrel to ensure that the bottom of the inner wall barrel have plate gold. And we will tell you of the basic ratio of design: length and inner diameter of the tube.
The plunger is formed by copper material after turning and milling and gold-plated, the first choice is plate gold because the gold have good electrical conductivity and oxidation resistance. In addition, the gold-plated thickness will influence the life of product, for cost considerations, we will consider the thickness of nickel base and gold plating. Different product have different requirement, such as rhodium, palladium and some noble materials.
Assembly of Pogo pin
After the finished product of a spring loaded pogo pin is produced, we have to assemble it to form a spring loaded pin connector. The terminals of the spring pin connector are generally made of plastic.

Pogo pin connector

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