Pogo pin is a spring probe be made of tube, plunger and spring, riveted and pre-pressed by precision instruments. What is the material for it?

Brass for spring loaded pogo pin



Usually, we using brass, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze, nickel silver for barrel. Brass is cheap, beryllium copper have good electronic characteristics and lower impedance.

We will choice phosphor bronze if the barrel do not dispose and used on some high frequency products.

Barrel do not require heat treatment due to need to be bent during assembly. Selective hardening is an option, and it will affect the cost of the product.


Advantage Disadvantage
Phosphor Bronze Good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, easy to form, it has good hardness and wear resistance compare with brass. More expensive
Brass Good conductivity and low price Poor elasticity
Beryllium Bronze Has high mechanical properties, good electrical conductivity, heat resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance

The beryllium element is relatively toxic. The smelting process causes severe pollution to the environment and is the most expensive.

Brass for pogo pin


The material of making plunger have brass, beryllium bronze, phosphor bronze and tool steel(SK4). SK4 have good hardness, can protect the shape of plunger and need heat treatment, it used to turning.

Brass for pogo pin connector



The material of making spring have music, beryllium copper, stainless steel. Music has good elastic force and long life, and must be processed before using it due to it is a highly magnetic material, easy to rewind at high temperatures, and easy to corrode;

Stainless steel is a low-carbon material and can withstand high temperatures.

Beryllium copper is a low impedance material, is has lower tensile properties compare with music wire, and it is a good choice for products with smaller diameters and higher strength values.

material Maximum Working Temperature℃
Time in 1 hour Time in 24 hour
Music wire 120℃ 85℃
Beryllium copper 205℃ 120℃
Stainless steel 260℃ 180℃

Brass for spring contact


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