Pogo pin be made of the three basic components of the needle shaft, spring and needle tube are assembled, riveted and pre-pressed by precision instruments, it can be compressed and energized. It can waterproof, self, convenience and both sides of the charging, used to replace all old versions of the plug-in AC/DC power supply, micro USB, computer adapter, audio plug, RJ45 and so on.

Most current of Pogo pin connector through the male and female, so that it can power ups with Compression Pogo pin. It can’t working with spring can’t compression normally if the immature process, large internal friction and impedance of the spring, because the elasticity, impedance, and compression play a major role of spring with using product.

CFE, is a R&D , sales leader with Pogo pin in China. We can realize various structural processes of Pogo pin and carry out mass production for shipment to all over the world.

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