Customized 10 pin Round Type Pogo Pin connector manufacturer in China. CFE is professional Gold-plated Round Type Pogo Pin and over 14 years pogo pin connector experience,Customized 10 pin Round Type Pogo Pin connector.

Part number: BF37111-10254H0A

Customized 10 pin Round Type Pogo Pin connector

Customized 10 pin Round Type Pogo Pin connector

CFE Pogo Pin Connector Advantages:

  • We have 14 years experience for pogo pin connector, high current connection, high life cycles, low impedance,corrosion resistance and other reliability.
  • Customize high current pogo pin more 1600 items(2A-30A).
  • Customize Pogo pin connector more 300 items(2pin-30pin).
  • Development 1.27Pitch 2-40pin standard products(6mm-15mm height).
  • 2.54mm pitch 2.5mm & 4.0mm housing,1-68pin standard products, 2-128pin double row standard pogo pin connector products (4.5mm-15mm height) SMT/DIP/Right Angle/Solder Cup.
  • Development low height pogo pin 1.3mm-4.4mm for customer options.

Products Application:

  • Medical equipment, wireless equipment, data communications equipment, telecommunication equipment,
  • Automation and industrial equipment, audio-visual equipment.
  • Aviation, aerospace electronic, military communication.
  • Automotive, car navigation, test and measurement equipment.
  • Consumer Electronics(mobile phones, tablet computers, Bluetooth headsets, camera, watch, portable consumer electronic products and many other electronic fields).

Featured products

SMT/SMD DIP Right angle Double head Solder cup Screw thread

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