Pogo Pin connector have been favored by more and more industries at present. It has not only a huge market in Asia, but also has great potential in countries such as Europe and America. It is widely used in notebooks, smart homes, handheld terminals, and smart phones,smart wearable,electronic consumer and other fields, the stage of Pogo pin connector application has become larger and larger. As a manufacturer with mature technology for producing high-current Pogo Pin connectors in China, CFE discussed the advantages of High-Current Pogo Pin with friends.

Contact Resistance Stability

High current pogo pin surface plating can improve the pogo pin connector’s ductility ,corrosion resistance,wear resistance, durability and mechanical properties.Therefore,The electroplating layer on the connector surface can stabilize connection impedance.

High current pogo pin long life

High current pogo pin need to repeat insertion and remove during the work,it’s a strict of working frequency.Therefore,pogo pin surface gold plating thicker than ordinary,it can effectively prevent pogo pin from being corroded and oxidized in the working environment,at the same time,it’s a good protection for pogo pin connector,and improve the products’wear resistance and durability,making the high current pogo pin life longer.

Small size,high density,light weight

With the development of technology,electronic device more and more compact,more and more powerful function,The appearance will be more diverse,So,CFE high current pogo pin has a very high demand of size and precision.


At present,many electronic device will waterproof as a sell point,CFE high current pogo pin has a excellent waterproof,dampproof.