A Pogo pin is a device used in electronics to establish a (usually temporary) connection between two printed circuit boards. Named by analogy with the pogo stick toy, the pogo pin usually takes the form of a slender cylinder containing two sharp, spring-loaded pins. Pressed between two electronic circuits, the sharp points at each end of the pogo pin make secure contacts with the two circuits and thereby connect them together.

CFE manufactures a range of Spring Loaded Contacts capable of thousands of cycles. The range includes: SMT/SMD pogo pin, DIP Pogo Pin, Right Angle Pogo Pin, Double Head Pogo Pin, Solder Cup Pogo Pin, Thread Pogo Pin, 5A-30A High Current Pogo Pin

Spring Loaded Locating Pin Assembly

SMT/SMD Pogo Pin Supply

CFE – Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of SMT/SMD Pogo Pin. SMT/SMD pogo pin, spring loaded electrical contacts. Spring loaded pogo pin contacts are precision machined, with variety heights design. Stable quality. The bottom of barrel is designed as flat shape, easy to be mounted on PCB.

CFE Pogo pogo pin contacts consist of the Individual SMT Pogo Pin, Pogo Pin with Location Peg, and the undercut for retention in mouldings. These spring loaded contacts feature Ø1.03 to Ø1.5mm barrels and 2.4 to 8.2mm heights.

DIP Pogo Pin

CFE, dip pogo pin, spring loaded pogo pin manufacturer. The dip pogo pin is with positioning pin on the bottom of barrel. Hard to shift after mounted on PCB  Good performance on positioning. The dip pogo pins provide 10,000 mating cycles and offer broad compressed stacking heights ranging.

Right Angle Pogo Pin

CFE – Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Right Angle Pogo Pin. Our right angle pogo pin or spring loaded probe pins, is reliable quality and quick to install. Bending tail design of barrel of these right angle pogo pin offers engineers to have more choices on space adjustment.

Double Head Pogo Pin

Double Head design offers engineers to have more choices of flexible space adjustment on board-to-board connection.

Solder Cup Pogo Pin

CFE – Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Solder Cup Pogo Pin. These solder cup pogo pin, spring loaded contacts are plated with gold over nickel to ensure excellent electrical conductivity, durability and corrosion protection throughout the life of the product. Solder cup pogo pins are a convenient and reliable method to make connections between discrete wires or cables and mating components such as PC boards or other cable assemblies.

Thread Pogo Pin

High precision gold plating slotted brass threaded spring pogo pin, we also provide the customization service for customers special needs in pogo pin connector field.

5A-30A High Current Pogo Pin

CFE is the leading manufacturer of 5A-30A High Current Pogo Pin in the world.  Our Pogo Pin is a high reliable, precision made interconnect solution ideal for a number of demanding application requirements in the fast moving world of electronic interconnects, for cardiac defibrillator, car charging,air purifier, charging and signal transmission products etc.

Custom service

Custom design products are developed in close partnership with our customer. With our long experience, knowledge and expertise, we will develop the right product to fit your application and meet your requirements. Expertise, qualifications and commitment for high output, flexibility and customer orientation. Our team is dedicated to study your needs, propose options, and develop solutions for your applications.

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