CFE’s spring-loaded connectors provide a reliable electrical connection in the most rigorous environments. High quality spring-loaded pogo pins & connectors with long durability

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CFE Product Application Technology Advantages(Pogo pin Connector)

  • HF process: Nearly 200 plastic standard models for choosing to replace used, including 2.54mm pitch housing, double row 2 to 128 pin,single row 1-64pin. (Can provide the product specification)
  • Lead free process: metal plunger can choose with lead fee(0ppm), low lead free(100ppm)or EU standard(40000ppm). (Can provide ROHS test report)
  • Insulate spring: SUS303 ,music wire, can gold plating(low impedence) or insulating layer plating (high current). (Can provide Current temperature rise test report)
  • The vacuum barrel plating: Using Japanese technology of vacuum barrel plating, gold-plated specific: 1-200 u; No carbon and fluoride pollution. (Can provide X-Ray plating thickness test report)
  • High durability: The Products life highest can be 500,000 times. (Can provide life load curve report)
  • High rated current: we have largely produced high rated current 5-10A , Can customize small specific of high current products (Can provide Current temperature rise test report)
  • Small impedance values: can customize small impedance value (5 mohm Max) (Can provide impedance Load curve report)
  • Lateral force: Two kinds of special structure design can make the plunger in conventional vertical stress situation, also can be 180 ° lateral force, ensuring the life be more than 100,000 times. (Can provide lateral-force load curve report)
  • High smooth: Inner hole roughness can be controlled in 0.4μ (Can provide inner hole finish report)
  • Side air exhaust: long-thin tube using the side vents (0.3-0.5 mm), ensure the bottom of the tube gold-plated layer uniformity (Can provide inner thickness test report)
  • Small diameter blind holes: for turning small diameter of 0.80 mm, Largely used for mobile phone and computer signal transmission. (Can provide specification and sample)
  • Eccentric dielectric beads: In traditional spring pin when plunger contact with the spring , the current pass through the needle at the same time have a chance go spring, leading to it’s can not absolutely endure large current. But our Eccentric dielectric beads design make the plunger and spring insulation, to ensure 100% insulation and resistance to high current. (Can provide sample and test report)

Advantage of CFE  spring-loaded connectors

  • Maximum continuity: Precision-machined gold-plated components and a low-resistance spring maintain a consistent electrical path
  • Maximum stability: Tested to a minimum of 50G shock and 10G vibration with no spikes >1 µs and >1.15 V with 0.5 A applied
  • Maximum endurance: 500,000 cycles and still electrically silent
  • Maximum range: Over 8 families of single and double row strip assemblies, plus a choice of over 50 discrete spring-loaded contacts for use in customer specific assemblies

CFE discrete Power Spring-Loaded Pin Connectors are low profile, standard stroke, solder mount power spring pins with 20µ” Gold-over-Nickel plating and 10µ” Gold-over-Nickel contact plating. Ideal for applications requiring board stacking such as docking stations, cable assemblies, quick connects, as well as blind mate programs.

spring-loaded connectors manufacturer


  • Sleeve & Plunger Material: Copper Alloy
  • Spring Material: Stainless Steel 302
  • Sleeve & Plunger Finish: 20 μ” Gold over Nickel
  • Spring Finish: 10 μ’ Gold over Nickel

Products can be widely used in the fields including

  • Wearable devices (intelligent positioning equipment, children’s smart wristbands, smart watches, wearable mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, etc.) data cable, charging cable, magnetic strip wire end connection.
  • Medical equipment, wireless equipment, data communications equipment, telecommunication equipment,
  • Automation and industrial equipment, audio-visual equipment.
  • Aviation, aerospace electronic, military communication.
  • Automotive, car navigation, test and measurement equipment.
  • Consumer Electronics (mobile phones, tablet computers, Bluetooth headsets, camera, watch, portable consumer, electronic products and many other electronic fields).


Custom service

Spring-loaded connectors manufacturer

Custom design products are developed in close partnership with our customer. With our long experience, knowledge and expertise, we will develop the right product to fit your application and meet your requirements. Expertise, qualifications and commitment for high output, flexibility and customer orientation. Our team is dedicated to study your needs, propose options, and develop solutions for your applications.

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