[FP430-1140-A04100A] 2.54mm pitch 4 pin female connector supplier

[FP430-1140-A04100A] 2.54mm pitch 4 pin female connector supplier

  • Pin: Brass/Be-Cu/Phosphor bronze
  • Plating: Gold plated (According to customer requirements)
  • 2.54mm Pitch DIP Female Pin Connector
  • 4 pin pogo pin female pin connector
  • Can be customized
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2.54mm pitch 4 pin female connector supplier in China. We are specializing in Pogo pin, Pogo pin connector, high current spring loaded connector and female pin connector and precision hardware fittings. Female pin connectors developed & produced by CFE, can be applied to unlimited applications. CFE is China manufacturer of compact and reliable spring loaded connectors, or pogo pins, for electronic devices. Also we can provide one-stop solution for the customer, such as design proposals during the product development stages and quality management during the production.

Type of Pogo Pin Female Connector

CFE Pogo Pin Connector Advantages

  • We have 14 years experience for pogo pin connector, high current connection, high life cycles, low impedance,corrosion resistance and other reliability.
  • Customize high current pogo pin more 1600 items(2A-30A).
  • Customize Pogo pin connector more 300 items(2pin-30pin).
  • Development 1.27Pitch 2-40pin standard products(6mm-15mm height).
  • 2.54mm pitch 2.5mm & 4.0mm housing,1-68pin standard products, 2-128pin double row standard pogo pin connector products (4.5mm-15mm height) SMT/DIP/Right Angle/Solder Cup.
  • Development low height pogo pin 1.3mm-4.4mm for customer options.

Specification of 2.54mm pitch 4 pin female connector

2.54mm pitch 4 pin female connector supplier

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Part No. FP430-1140-A04100A
Materials Insulator Black plastics
Pin Brass
finish Au over Ni

Drawing of the 2.54mm pitch 4 pin female connector

2.54mm pitch 4 pin female connector supplier


Customized service

Learn more about How to order special pogo pin, If you have special requirements please contact us


Application of pogo pin connector

CFE pogo pin connector & spring loaded connector

Pogo pin Connectors developed & produced by CFE, can be applied to unlimited applications. Below are just some of the examples of how the products can be used Please feel free to contact CFE for more details

  • Consumer electronics products/PCB board
  • Digital camera/Medical products/ Printer cartridges
  • Golf handle/ Electric vehicles/ Telephony applications
  • Cardiac defibrillator/Car charging /Air purifier
  • LED flat luminaries/LED flash light/Tablet/Laptop/PC
  • Power bank/ Digital product/ Small household electrical application
  • Charging products/Signal transmission products etc

Learn more type of Pogo pin

 SMT/SMD  DIP  Right angle  Double head  Solder cup  Screw thread

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Dongguan CFE Electronic Co., Ltd. is a China leading precision spring-loaded connector manufacturing company. We focused on the development and manufacture of Pogo Pin & connector 9 years long.  As the leading electronic components manufacturer in China,  CFE has accomplished over 300 customized Pogo Pin chargers range from 2 pins to 30 pins. We also achieved the innovation of Pogo Pin product, which is the first invention in the Asian, the second invention around the world. What’s more, CFE also provides the short delivery times and competitive price for our clients. Learn more about us

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