2.54mm Pitch DIP(Through-hole) Female Pin Connector manufacturer in China. We are specializing in Pogo pin, Pogo pin connector, high current spring loaded connector and female pin connector and precision hardware fittings.

Type of Pogo Pin Female Connector

  • 2.54mm Pitch SMT/SMD Female Pin Connector
  • 2.54mm Pitch DIP(Through-hole Type)Female Pin Connector
  • 2.54mm Pitch Right angle Female Pin Connector

2.54mm Pitch DIP(Through-hole) Female Pin Connector

2.54mm Pitch DIP(Through-hole) Female Pin Connector 2.54mm Pitch DIP(Through-hole) Female Pin Connector

CFE Top Strength

  • Over 14 years’ experience in manufacturing pogo pin connector,and we own 12 items national patent of spring contacts.
  • The highest life test has up to1000,000 cycles, can custom various shapes,small structure and high current (2-20A).
  • Our factory has been accredited the ISO9001:2008,ISO14000 certificate,spring loaded connector accord with HF,RoHS,Reach standard.
  • 100% electrical test provided on function before delivery.
  • We believe that: “Quality to win markets, improvement to win progress”. Welcome customers all over the world come to our factory to give guidance for development.

Female Pin Connector Application

Female pin connectors developed & produced by CFE, can be applied to unlimited applications. Below are just some of the examples of how the products can be used. Please feel free to contact CFE for more details.

  • Consumer electronics products,PCB board;
  • Digital camera/Medical products/ Printer cartridges;
  • Golf handle/ Electric vehicles/ Telephony applications;
  • Cardiac defibrillator/Car charging /Air purifier;
  • LED flat luminaries/LED flash light/Tablet/Laptop/PC ;
  • Power bank/ Digital product/ Small household electrical application;
  • Charging products/Signal transmission products etc.

Featured products

 SMT/SMD  DIP  Right angle  Double head  Solder cup  Screw thread

If you’re interested in purchasing pogo pin & female pin connectors, be sure to check out the wide range of standard and custom products from CFE.

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