Pogo pin connector’s advantages

First, the reliability of the pogo pin connector’s contact is good, and the pogo pin connector has a greater compression force in comparison with the same size connector. It can achieve the better contact and stability in the connection. In addition, the pressure of pogo pin changes with the pressure of the outside world.

Second, the pogo pin connector has a longer life than other connectors. The pogo pin connector can be stretched to 10,000 times, or even more than 10,000 times, while increasing the life of the pogo pin.

Third, the pogo pin connector is more space-saving. With the same amount of compression, the pogo pin connector takes up less space than other types of connectors. This makes it easier to assemble electronic devices and saves space.

Fourth,the contact point of the pogopin connector is more stable. When the pogo pin is compressed, the connector will moves accordingly to obtain a stable contact.

Pogo pin connectors have many advantages that can help the product perform better.

Fifth,  the pogo pin connector is relatively short in production and fast in speed, and it does not require die-cutting. Most consumers choose pogo pin because it is not only low cost, but also economical and it’s speed can surpass other connectors, which saves customers’ time and effort to saves costs and making profits.

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