The power supply connectors pin assignment table is a useful reference for testing the power supply. Before successfully testing the PSU, you need to know which pins correspond to ground or to a specific voltage.

Power Supply Connectors

  • Use three main power types on your PC. They can be described as follows:
  • Integrated power supply AC power supply
  • Front panel power supply AC power supply
  • Front panel motherboard powered

Sample Products of Power Supply Connectors

The oldest system integrates the power connector or directly into the power supply, turning the main AC power on and off. This is a simple design, but since the power supply is installed on the rear or side of the system, it is necessary to reach the rear to start the power supply. In addition, the direct provision of AC power means that the system can not be in the absence of special hardware in the case of remote start.

24-pin Power Supply Connectors

CFE main power supply connectors pin arrangement table
The CFE 24-pin mains connector is a standard motherboard power connector for almost every computer.

15-pin SATA Power Connectors

CFE Serial ATA Power Connector Pin Arrangement
SATA 15-pin power connector is one of several standard peripheral power connectors.

Sample Products of Power Supply Connectors

6-pin Motherboard Power Supply Connectors

CFE 6-pin power connector lead arrangement
The CFE 6-pin power connector is a motherboard power connector for providing +12 VDC to the processor voltage regulator, but the 4-pin variety is the more common connector.

4 pin Peripheral Power Supply Connectors

CFE Peripheral Power Connectors Pin Arrangement
The CFE 4-pin power connector is a standard peripheral power connector.