CFE Right Angle POGO PIN SPEC SHEET Bending 90° spring loaded pin for electronic charging, Right angle pogo pin type, Bending tail of barrel offers engineer to have more choices on space adjustment, IS09001/QC080000/ISO14001 Certified
Standard Right Angel Pogo Pin Spec from CFE Electronic

Standard Right Angel Pogo Pin Spec from CFE Electronic

About CFE

Our quality control system was developed in-house and is the most comprehensive system in the industry. We enjoys the status of being the NO.1 innovator in the quick wire connection field and we continuously pour time and investment into research and development to keep our technology ahead of the competition. We are the finest quality pogo pins manufacturer in China. CFE Electronic® company has approved the certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. CFE has been identified as the National High-Tech Enterprise by China government in 2016. Besides these certifications, CFE still owned 25 more international and national patents. Aim to offer the best quality product for customers, CFE follows the standard of EU, ROHS, REACH, HF, and N6P.
The philosophy of our firm is : quality is the most important factor in business! Our company has established, maintained and relentlessly improved the quality management system, so as to ensure the highest quality of products and services.
For example, during the pogo pin reliability test, the product undergoes several inspection procedures, including the dynamic impedance, constant temperature and pressure, durability, temperature increase, vibration, drop test and the instant-off test, etc. This ensures your client’s product will not break down due to a pogo pin defect.

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Customized service

High curren right angle pogo pin manufacturer

The unit of A, B, C, D, E, F, H is mm

Part NO.A B C D E F G H Stroke(mm)Force(g)Current(A)PDF

In terms of customization, please provide your drawings or detailed requirements to our engineers. We can customized products based on your needs. Learn more about How to order special pogo pin, If you have special requirements please contact us

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