Step 1: Submit requirements and information

For CFE to provide customers with a high-quality pogo pin connector before the production of the pogo pin connector CFE need to confirm the customer requirements in detail.

If available customers can also provide us with the application of product samples or how they would like to implement the functions and technical parameters, such as current, voltage, pogo pin, impedance, size, connection mode, durable, and the system application this will enable CFE to speed up the process to offer the best and most suitable pogo pin connector.


Step 2: Evaluate and quote

After the initial confirmation of the business plan, it will be transferred to the R & D department for manufacturing feasibility assessment, the R & D team will make a cost estimation according to the customers’ information and technical requirements, then the business department will make the quotation.


Step 3: Sign the contract and pay the deposit

After the quotation is agreed upon, the design drawings are confirmed and the development contract is signed. After the customer pays the deposit, CFE starts the sample production of pogo pin connectors.


Step 4: Sample making and delivery

According to the BOM list of R&D output, CFE will carry out purchase or requisitions inspection of raw materials, and start processing and manufacturing of pogo pin connectors. All the production process and finished products are monitored and tested by quality control. After passing the inspection, the packaging will be carried out and delivered to the customer as soon as possible.


Step 5: Sample confirmation and receipt

The customer receives the sample for test confirmation. After confirmation is OK, the customer will sign back the sample and drawing or acknowledgement to CFE.


Step 6: Mass production

Strictly in accordance with the pogo pin connector surface and SOP to complete a large number of pogo pin processing, processing into finished products, need to be qualified after a series of professional quality testing, storage by the warehouse unified storage.

Custom Pogo Pin Connector process at CFE

About the packing:

  1. Packing method: normal packaging is a small PE bag with 500pcs/ bag, bubble bag, plastic packaging, and then into the outer box. To prevent the product from being damaged in transit.
  2. For the spring needles that need to be automatically assembled, we can provide the ring belt packaging.
  3. Customized packaging can also be provided if there are special requirements.