With the development of high-tech era and the upgrading of products, more and more consumers are not only limited to the multi-functionality of products, but also need a small and portable, stylish appearance. Spring loaded  pogo pins is a very precise, many customers have very small product space, so they think pogo pin is their best choice. When used in precision products, it can reduce the weight of the products, and be beautiful. CFE can provide solutions according to customer needs.

In order to meet the needs of different customers, CFE provides more than 5000 standard products of pogo pins in different specifications. Of couse, CFE customize pogo pin connector solutions in different fields for customers.

1: Aerospace Electronics,medical equipment electronics, automotive electronics, industrial electronics,
5g communication electronics, military, and police equipment electronics.

2: UAV equipment, medical products, Internet of things equipment
(IoT), intelligent data center, portable equipment, intelligent robot.

3: Smart home appliances, smart hair appliances, smart
handheld devices, intelligent sports equipment, intelligent physiotherapy and
beauty equipment.
4: Smart wearable products (TWS Bluetooth headset,
headset, smartwatch, smart bracelet, smart clothing, etc.)

5: Consumer electronics (printers, smartphones, laptops,
tablets, atomizers e-cigarettes, LED lamps)


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