Test probe pinsPogo pins Spring probes Spring loaded pins; these are generic terms to describe the spring-loaded parts that will provide reliable electrical contact to the target, and the distance may be uncertain. Their traditional use is to contact printed circuit boards (PCBs) or electrical components to test functions and measure the value of components. They are widely used in vacuum test fixtures related to automatic test equipment (ATE). They are also used as functional test stations as part of a larger production line.


Pogo pin composition

The test probe pins consist of a metal tube, ready to assemble the spring and contact the plunger as a piece. They are usually gold-plated because gold is an excellent electrical conductor and is resistant to corrosion. The cable is usually connected to the socket into which the test probe is inserted. Use the socket to remove the test probe for cleaning or replacement without disconnecting the cable.

Pogo Pin Test Probe Pins Analysis and Introduction

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