According to WIKI definition, “The board to board connector (BTB) is used to connect a printed circuit board (PCB) in an accurate and repeatable manner, including electronic components printed on a conductive pattern on the surface of an insulating substrate. Each terminal on the BTB connector is connected to the PCB. The BTB connector includes a housing and a specific number of terminals. The terminals are made of a conductive material (mainly copper alloy) and plated to improve electrical conductivity and rust resistance. The terminals transmit current / signals between the BTB-connected PCBs; the housings are made of insulating material (mostly plastic)”.

Advantage of Board to Board Connector

  • Rugged and durable
  • High temperature
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Low VSWR
  • Low insertion loss
 Board to Board Connector Board to Board Connector
[MP325-111-E05100A] Sping loaded pogo pin right angle pcb connector [FF400-1140-A03100A] 2.54mm pitch 3 pin female connectors

CFE offers a bespoke board to board connector service. With vast experience of offering custom products, we have the skills to turn concept designs into reality.

Options include:

  • Customize PCB connector wire length
  • Custom SMT wire length
  • Vacuum socket and socket are missing pins
  • Non-standard height insulator
  • Bend or leaf pin
  • Selective longer pins
  • Angled pin
  • Non-standard spacing