A thimble Pogo pin connector has an important role in life, and indeed can help us better deal with the problems of production life, so how to make it work better?


First, the purchase of suitable products:

Because the quality and performance of the product is the basis of the function. Without a good product, it is natural that it can not play its role well. And in fact, in order to better reflect the role of the connector, we have to opt for some well-known companies in the market to provide products, but also should buy connectors with high technical content, good means of technology, cost-effective. This will better enhance the experience and durability of use.


Pogo pin connectors


Second, Pay attention to water resistance, especially to keep the connectors away from humid environments

Because if it gets into the water, then its internal electronic components and wiring will be destroyed, and thus will not be able to function accordingly. More noteworthy is to make the antenna radiation farther away from the motherboard and its components, and leave sufficient space in the metal battery cover, ultra-thin models designed to be better utilized. These are the things we should pay attention to when using.