Terminal connectors and pogo pin connectors, which is better?

pogo pin connectors with terminal connectors

Terminal (terminal block) is used to achieve electrical connection of an accessory product, in the industry is classified as a connector category.

Therefore, it is also known as terminal connectors.

Terminal connector advantages: lower cost, short lead time, high production efficiency.

Disadvantages: unstable size; poor stability of contact force; short life cycle; difficult to achieve waterproof; easy electrolysis due to nickel release; poor sweat resistance.

Pogo pin belongs to a precision type electronic hardware material, refers to the thimble with compression elasticity, often used as current and signal transmission, which is the role of conduction and connection. Pogo pin connector advantages: stable size, stable contact force, stable conduction, waterproof easy to achieve, low mold costs, long life cycle, strong resistance to oxidation, corrosion resistance.