USB or DC charger has been the traditional way to charge small appliances

After Apple’s Macbook was introduced in 2010, it set off a frenzy of new charging methods, subsequently pioneering the widespread use of magnetic charging method in all walks of life. So which of the smart samll appliances in our daily lives will Pogo pin magnetic connectors be applied to? Below we have briefly compiled a few for reference:

Juicer, smart thermal insulation cup, heated baby bottle, Insulated lunch box, beauty device, curling iron, air purifier…

CFE magnetic cable connectorCFE magnetic cable connector

The common application of Pogo pin magnetic connectors used in smart small appliances are: circular Pogopin magnetic charging base, honeycomb magnetic charging cable, Track-shape charging and Lateral automatic charging of round connector, etc.

With its novelty, non-directional automatic positioning, supreme use cycle and other strengths, Pogo pin magnetic charging method has become the preference in various industries. Incorporating our expertise in Pogo pin connector technology , we have developed magnetic connector solutions for more than two hundred fields of application with approximately eight hundred product designs so far.