Pogo pin packaging and use environment


There are 4 common packaging methods for Pogo pin:

1.PE bag: small turning parts, a small number of Pogo pins

2.Blister box/tray: bend type products, or customized requirements

3.Plastic box:bulk production Pogo pin

4.Tape packaging: SMT products are required


Pogo pin connector use environment:

1.The storage temperature is 5…35℃, and the relative humidity is not more than 80% in a non-corrosive gas environment.

2.Operation temperature:-40-+105 ℃

3.Operating humidity:25%-85%


What is special about the spring in the Pogo pin?

The spring is made of high carbon steel material, common materials are SWP (Piano Steel Wire), stainless steel and beryllium copper. As is known to all, SWP (Piano Steel Wire) has good tensile properties. It can produce good mechanical life and large elasticity value, but this material is a highly magnetic material, which is easy to rewind at high temperatures, and easily corroded. Therefore, it must be processed before use, as for stainless steel, it is a low-magnetic material and can resist high temperatures, so it is also selected as a common material, about beryllium copper, it has excellent fatigue and low impedance, but its tensile properties are relatively poor, and it is usually not a good choice when the wire diameter is small and a large force value is required. The function of the spring in the Pogo pin cannot be ignored, because the performance requirements and use environment of the Pogo pin need to be considered when selecting materials.