Hello, everyone

This is CFE from DongGuan City,Guangdong Province, China, Today will be introduced by me that how to create a pogo pin, let’s go!

Pogo pin connector:

Single Pin:automatic aligner-shake plunger/spring/barrel,plywood,auto riveting, automatic preloading and riveting detection,  Automatic detection of contact resistance , automatic detection of spring force ,automatic detection of length and outer diameter,Multi-pin:automatic aligner of pogo pin,  assembly of plastic housing , automatic riveting ,  cosmetic check, cap assembly, reel packaging.

Magnetic charging cable process:

peel the outer quilt (both ends), stripped wire (both ends), upper tin (both ends), usb terminal soldering wire, inner mold for usb side molding, outer mold for usb side molding, joint end soldering , joint end insert molding, joint end forming outer mold, cable tie, test,cosmetic check, packing

You’ve been listening to how to create a pogo pin. We’ll be back next time with another quick hit from the CFE of tech.

pogo pin