Since the 2010s, the functions of smart bracelets have become more and more similar to smartphones. From the beginning of simply recording sports, it has developed into a smart device that can be paired with and interacted with mobile phones. Record and help users develop healthy living habits. In addition to functions, the charging method of smart bracelets is also constantly developing and upgrading. Today, let’s introduce one of the charging methods commonly used in smart bracelets in recent years – the magnetic charging method.

xioami magnetic connector

The latest release of xiaomi smart band 7 uses magnetic charging. The xiaomi smart bracelet has been charged by magnetic suction since xiaomi smart band 5. This change has greatly improved the product experience of the bracelet: it is no longer necessary to remove the strap for charging.xiaomi Magnetic connector

As shown in the figure, xiaomi smart band 7 uses a 2 Pin magnetic interface, with a magnetic charging cable, which is small in size and does not take up too much space. When in use, just like charging a mobile phone, you can directly place the magnetic charging head on the magnetic interface on the back of the smart bracelet to bracelet magnetic connector

CFE also has a lot of pogo pin magnetic connectors and magnetic charging cables like this. CFE pogo pin magnetic charging method has the following advantages:

  1. Automatic adsorption, self-locking interaction
  2. 100% self positioning
  3. Zero force butt joint
  4. The most suitable structural design ensures the reliability of the connection
  5. Able to withstand a certain degree of vibration and impact
  6. It cantransmit large current up to 40A
  7. Automatically disconnected without damaging the connection port
  8. High life
  9. Good EMI function
  10. Waterproof level up to IP68

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