The World Meteorological Organization warns people’s exposure to heat waves will increase globally because of climate change in 19 July 2022.  Nowadays, as the environmental pollution and climate change, many countries are beginning to pay attention to carbon emission. For example, the EU has proposed a number of new bills that enlarge the EU carbon trading market, stop the sale of fuel vehicles, expand the proportion of renewable energy, and set up a carbon border tax. At the same time, the EU has commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 55% compared to 1990 levels by the end of 2030.

The transportation has get more and more attention as an important part in reducing carbon emission. Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, in order to avoid crowded subways and buses, riding a bicycle to work has become a choice of many people. So the ebike, a more environmental friendly and convenient travel tool, has become popular in European and America countries.

However, the charging problem of electric bike is one of the most concerned problem for customer. CFE also have provided own solution about this problem, which the socket can be mounted on the battery box or on the body of the ebike. By placing the pogo pin magnetic plug close to the magnetic charging base, it can automatically absorb and charge. Compared with other charging interfaces, the magnetic connector charging interface can rotate 360°, there is no directional requirement for the socket, the waterproof level can reach IPX6, and the performance in all aspects is more stable and durable. Above all, using the CFE magnetic connector to charge can make ebike charging more convenient.

ebike magnetic charging