The release of Apple Vision Pro will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the entire VR and AR industry. With the advancement of science and technology and industrial innovation, different electronic products bring people different experiences. Metaverse, this concept has also continued to gain popularity in recent years. VR, AR, and MR are all technological innovations for us to contact the Metaverse. We’ve all had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Metaverse, with the help of related electronics.

What is the difference between VR, AR, and MR?

VR, AR, and MR are all different in terms of definitions, functions, and properties.

In terms of definition, VR is the abbreviation of virtual reality. AR is the abbreviation of augmented reality. MR is the abbreviation of mix reality. In terms of function, VR is to use equipment to generate virtual images and environments. AR is to enhance real scenes, and the pictures seen are based on real things. MR is a combination of virtual and augmentation.

In nature, why VR is virtual reality is because the scenes we see are completely virtual. AR is to enhance the effect of its display on the basis of real scenes. MR is a combination of VR and AR, but what we see is not necessarily what actually exists.

VR, AR, and MR are all suitable for playing games. But generally speaking, VR is most used in games, and MR can be switched between real applications and entertainment. Currently, VR products include Oculus Quest, etc.; AR products include Google Glass, etc.; MR products include Microsoft Hololens, etc.

pogo pin magnetic connector used in AR/VR

Apple Vision Pro charging method

Most AR/VR headsets on the market have integrated batteries. According to reports, Apple’s headset will be connected to a separate external battery. The charging cable that runs from the battery pack to the headset has a rounded tip that plugs in magnetically. Worn around the waist, this makes the headset lighter and more comfortable.

Pogo Pin Magnetic charging solutions for VR/AR

This is an 8PIN magnetic connector used in VR and AR products. The male end of this pogo pin magnetic connector consisits of a permanent magnet and a pogo pin. The male and female ends are anti-fooling suction design. Meanwhile, the life cycle of the pogo pins in the connector can reach at least 20,000 times.

Pogo Pin Magnetic Connector Manufacturer

CFE focuses on the pogo pin and magnetic connector industry. In the field of smart wearables, we insist on providing charging connection solutions for VR, AR, MR, and XR with professional knowledge. From current transmission to signal data storage, CFE magnetic charging ensures simple connection, safe use of machines, and enhances the value of end products.